Entering the Italian IT market

For a succesfull “landing” on the Italian IT market, your company needs specific insights and competences.


Quorum, thanks to its Partners Network, is able to give an effective support in order to help your company in all the critical steps that lead to a successfull business development.

“Which are the real opportunities in this specific market ?

Who are our best potential local partners ?

How can we approach a distributor and close a good deal ?

How do we find the right local people ?

How do we develop the right communication strategy… ?”

For all these steps, or any of these, Quorum PR can give a specific and competent support in order to build your success.


Quorum PR is a professional “boutique”​ agency, totally focused on designing and implementing effective communication strategies for IT companies, that translate into visible results and, above all, a real boost to sales. The agency adopts a proprietary process, based on a deep knowledge of the market and of the different publics, which can dramatically increase the visibility of a company.

Our competences include brand awareness strategies, media relations, social media and marketing communication, content marketing, web development, technical translations.

Quorum PR is partner in Convoy Global PR Network, sector-specialist agencies that share the same approach to business and the same passion for quality. Advice from experts on the ground with regional expertise feeds into a unified global strategy. Centralized management and reporting simplify the delivery of complex campaigns.