Quorum PR: talk to the Italian IT market.


Approaching the Italian IT market ?

To position successfully a company and its products/solutions in a dynamic and competitive market requires a well focused and intelligent PR activity, good market and distribution trends understanding, specific content creation & management capabilities,  solid relationship with media, an appropriate level of technology understanding, budget flexibility.

Why a “little” Agency?
Quorum  is a professional PR agency, totally focused on designing and implementing effective communication strategies that translate into visible results and skyrocketing sales. The agency adopts a proprietary process, based on a deep knowledge of the market and of the different publics.


In few words, Quorum PR means:

our vision2

 • Senior PR professionals who provide best-in-class communication services

• No time sheets, no silos and no practice areas for a completely new idea of PR

• The close relation of a boutique agency based on  experiences and relations of large PR agencies

Our strenghts:

• Marketing culture & competences developed working in global companies/agencies

• More than 30 years of uninterrupted relations with Italian IT press

•  Strong network of relations with editors in all areas of technology: business, product & channel

• Ability to develop relationships with new media

• Deep experience of online public/media relations

• Extensive usage of online tools

Quorum PR is partner in Convoy Global PR Network, sector-specialist agencies that share the same approach to business and the same passion for quality. Advice from experts on the ground with regional expertise feeds into a unified global strategy. Centralized management and reporting simplify the delivery of complex campaigns.



Media relations, social media communication, content marketing, case studies, web development, technical translation, business development, events.